Professional Development, Workshops, Retreats "The workshop space satisfies our longing for community. It creates a place where we can explore the stories we tell, see how they resonate with our lives, and consider the audience we serve."                                    

 Angela Lloyd

Testimonials for RED HOUSE STUDIO

"Just thought I'd share something great that happened. Last night I told the story I worked with at Red House, and for the first time in my life I was able to tell a story by inhabiting it and telling the audience what I was seeing instead of by trying to remember what comes next. It was an amazing feeling and I owe it all to the process at the Red House!"

                      Sandra Mizumoto Posey, May 2009


Feedback from K-12 teachers following a 3hr workshop


  • I’d recommend anyone to come see her.

  • She was wonderful, engaging, open and fun


What I liked most about the workshop:

  • Being given a gift that keeps on giving  

  • How to add yourself to any story

  • Fabulous insights about storytelling

  • Great procedures for going deeper




Integrating Song, Sound & Music with Storytelling (2 hrs)  


This workshop will explore how music, song and sound informs a story. We will address rhythm, aesthetics of accompaniment, a spoon lesson,  folding one's favourite tunes into storytelling programs. From Autoharp to washboard, we will discuss the possibilities of sound beyond word.


Letting Go of the Book (1.5 - 3 hours)


Using the picture book as inspiration for free-style storytelling.  This workshop will explore techniques for using picture books as a jumping off place. The illustrations are a guide for the spoken word. Tell us what you see! Storytelling is a live event - we will address what it means to follow your audience wherever they go. Participants are asked to bring a familiar picture book to use in the small group exercises.


STORY: The Gift That Keeps on Teaching (2 - 3 Hrs)

Engaging Children through Storytelling in the Pre-K - 8th Grade Classroom


Expect an informal conversation for those who are currently teaching in the classroom. Angela will share successful projects conducted during a nine year residency at The Walden School in Pasadena, CA. She will facilitate participants’ sharing of projects and ideas that worked for them.


Coming To Our Senses: Bringing the Story to Life (2-3 hours)  


This workshop is geared to all levels of experience. Landscape, events and characters are drawn closer when we use our direct experience and palette of the five senses. "Hearing" a place gives rise to "seeing" the place; "seeing" the character could mean smelling his cologne. Making our way to the heart of a story is a sensory experience.


Tell Me a Story from the Book of You (2 - 3 hours)


Excellent choice for an evening family event.   Techniques, tips and FUN for grownups to recall stories from their lives. We will explore classic story structures for future moments when only a spontaneous story will do. Whether you are a parent, caregiver, counselor, librarian or teacher, this workshop is geared to all walks of life. 

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