"Her performances are a whimsical braid of story, song & poetry played on Autoharp, Tenor Guitar, Washboard, Spoon & Bell."


"She combines the warmth of Ancient Storytelling and the brilliance of New Vaudeville."

                                 Laura Simms


 Angela Lloyd • Story • Song • Poem • Chant 

(References, resume, and fee schedule available upon request).


Angela Lloyd's performances celebrate the human experience with poetry, stories, and songs. A nationally known, award-winning recording artist, Angela plays the autoharp, ukulele, and is an absolute virtuosa on the washboard. Lloyd's whimsical presentation is appropriate for school age children with accommodations made for the specific age range of the audience. A bilingual format is available upon request.  


The stories are drawn from the best in children's literature, traditional world folktales and original works based on personal experience. The songs are drawn from vinyl record albums from her childhood, contemporary singer/songwriters, and traditional folk songs. Angela's work hits the standards of the California State Framework for the Visual and Performing Arts.


A Quilt of Poetry, Story and Music (K-8)

highlights transformation and creativity with an emphasis on the special connection between words and music. Infused with the magic of a childhood spent in Caracas, Venezuela, this musical storytelling performance reflects the best of oral and literary traditions. A giant (8X11 ft) quilt and the sunbrella provide a visual feast for the concert that features the washboard's transformation from laundry tool to musical instrument. This performance is available in a bilingual format for grades K-2. Capacity: 350 Students


The Harvest Show (K-8) The Butterfly Kleenex (K-8)

"A moment ago I had a thousand legs and now, I am wearing a dress!" This central story of transformation is planted in a garden of poems, songs and stories that reminds us we are always growing in one way or another! "Angela's ease with the audience and delight in the exchange makes her performance a place where we can see who we are and celebrate it with humor and timeless wisdom." K-8 Capacity: 350


Students Books Fall Open, You Fall In! (Family)

A performance individually designed for family reading nights, this collection of stories and songs will delight and inspire the family audience for reading together. (Capacity: 300)


Leaving Home to Find Home (Middle School/ High school & Adult)

" An element of surprise you can count on, Angela "combines the warmth of ancient storytelling and the brilliance of New Vaudeville!" Leaving home to find home is the central theme in this collection of contemporary American poetry, traditional/ true stories, and songs from traditional and contemporary sources. An edu-tainment Leaving Home is designed to inspire Theatre and English students to consider the multi-layered experience and possibilities of performing the spoken word. Middle and High School Capacity: 140 students


The stories are selected from a variety of sources:


  • traditional world folktales

  • original works based on personal experience

  • the best in children's literature (Carl Sandburg's Rootabaga Stories, Richard Kennedy, the poetry of A. A. Milne)

  • for young adult and grown-up audiences the poetry of Mary Oliver and Naomi Shihab Nye

  • The songs are drawn from vinyl record albums from her childhood: (Carl Orff, Mitch Miller, Duke Ellington, Pete Seeger, Cole Porter)

  • contemporary singer/songwriters traditional folk songs

  • original musical compositions based on the poetry of: e.e. cummings, Emily Dickenson, A.A. Milne, Pablo Neruda


Angela's ease with an audience and delight in the exchange make her concerts and workshops a place where we can see who we are and celebrate it with humour and timeless wisdom. 

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